About Sushi Tokami

The original Sushi Tokami in Japan was established in Ginza Tokyo in 2013. The restaurant immediately earned its Michelin star status in 2014. And in 2016, it continued to be recommended by the Michelin Guide as one of the best sushi restaurants.

Sushi Tokami has been receiving very good ratings in the sushi restaurant chart provided by TABELOG*; it is ranked top 10 among the 5,000 sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Its tuna sushi is especially popular.


Numerous customers have been impressed by the tuna dishes at Sushi Tokami. It is because the owner of Sushi Tokami is also the founder of Yamayuki — a specialty shop dedicated to tuna located in the Tsukiji Market, Japan.

Yamayuki is a time-honored brand in the market. The president of which, Mr. Yamaguchi, is the third generation successor of the brand. Yamayuki’s long historical status in Tsukiji ensures it receives daily supply of premium tunas. The tunas used in many top-ranked sushi restaurants, such as Kyubey, Sushi Saito, Sushi Sawada and Sushi Ikko (Hokkaido) are supplied by Yamayuki.

Sushi Tokami takes advantage of the freshest and finest ingredients available in the Tsukiji Market. The tuna dishes offered by Sushi Tokami are made using top-rated bluefin tunas and tanada rice originated from Niigata; the rice, rich in essential minerals, is cooked in traditional Japanese olla with the addition of red vinegar fermented using natural sake yeast — a demonstration of Edo-mae sushi tradition. In the same manner, an impressive piece of sushi is made, right at Sushi Tokami, Hong Kong!


*TABELOG’s sushi restaurant chart

(Tabelog.com is a website where users share information, comments and ratings regarding restaurants)


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