Insistence on Quality Ingredients


It has always been the insistence of Sushi Tokami to use only selective ingredients sourced from various locations in Japan: they must be fresh and seasonal. From the selection of sushi rice and red vinegar to the way the rice is cooked and prepared – every step is meticulously taken care of. The combination of fresh juicy seafood and sushi rice prepared using mellow red vinegar is meant to enhance the flavour of sushi to new heights.










Selective bluefin tunas sold at Oma-machi, Aomori Prefecture and Uchiura-wan Bay, Hokkaido are used. These premium tunas provide fine and delicate meat texture as well as unparalleled flavour.








Rich in essential minerals, the tanada rice used by Sushi Tokami is originated from the mountain region in Niigata. The rice is cooked in traditional Japanese olla, which releases its primitive fragrance.









According to the traditional Edo-mae sushi making method, sushi rice prepared using red vinegar (fermented using natural sake yeast) offers much better fragrance and taste when compared to rice prepared using rice vinegar. It is also an ingenious match with oil-rich tunas.