Getting to Know the Chefs


Hiroyuki Sato used to work in other renowned sushi and kaiseki ryori restaurants in Japan. He then joined Sushi Tokami in Japan as the Chief Chef and earned for the restaurant its Michelin star status. Gifted with a keen sense for sushi ingredients, Hiroyuki Sato is appointed the Executive Chef for Sushi Tokami, Hong Kong. He looks forward to bringing surprises to customers who visit Sushi Tokami, Hong Kong through his new dishes prepared using the selective premium ingredients he sources.






Taga Satoshi is a sushi chef with more than 10 years of experience. He used to work for the famous Kyubey Sushi in Ginza. Taga Satoshi is appointed the Chef of Sushi Tokami. He is dedicated to making the Edo-mae sushi tradition alive with his plentiful experience and seasonal Japanese ingredients.






Rin Kizaki used to work for the famous Kyubey Sushi in Ginza; he joined Sushi Tokami afterwards. His passion for sushi and insistence on quality is highly appraised by Michelin starred executive chef Hiroyuki Sato.